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Thank you, Data Recovery 47, for restoring my MacBook! It seemed like I tried everything to get it back and I thought it was a lost cause, so I was truly shocked and amazed when you were able to fix it so quickly. I’m so grateful!

-Laura S.
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“Thanks to a team of reliable, competent experts who restored our company’s data so quickly and efficiently. Your fast acting enabled us to be up and running the next day, without suffering from lost data or lost income. We appreciate the service immensely.

-Don Wartner, Senior Partner at Smith & Associates

Our greatest appreciation goes to the hardworking staff at Data Recovery 47. When a nasty virus struck our office, it completely wiped out all of our past and current projects it was a devastating blow to our company! To say that we were in a panic is a huge understatement. Yet from the first call to Data Recovery 47, we already felt much better. We felt like we were in good hands and we were. Data Recovery, we cant thank you enough for retrieving our information and saving our company! You are true lifesavers!

-From the entire team at Ashley Brooke Design

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