Why Using A Clean Room For Data Recovery Is A Must.

Why Using A Clean Room For Data Recovery Is A Must.

Why is a Clean Room Needed for Data Recovery Washington DC?

Professional data recovery Washington DC companies will have a clean room to repair and retrieve data from damaged hard drives. A certified clean room is an essential part of professional hard drive repair services. It is often overlooked by many consumers and business owners who need their data recovered when hard drives break down. 

A hard drive contains platters which are not only delicate but are susceptible to collecting the dust and debris from the air. This means that when a hard drive is opened, it must be in a room that is virtually free of all airborne particles. In addition, the person must be trained in the proper procedures and be covered in gowns and shoe coverings that limit the number of airborne particles from coming into the room. 

What is a Certified Clean Room?

Creating a clean room is no easy task. Whether the objective is to make a room or work area free of airborne particles, it takes special air filters on the ventilation system combined with proper HVAC to keep the area at the proper temperature and humidity levels. When combined with personnel following the proper procedures, then the room can be certified as clean if they achieve the following;

Less than 100 particles of 0.5 microns or larger for every cubic foot of air space 

70 degrees F Temperature

50% Humidity

If a room can meet those standards, it will receive an ISO Class 5 or Class 100 certification from the authorities. For those interested in using the right data recovery Washington DC services, looking for a business that has a Class 100 or ISO Class 5 clean room is a must. 

Can You Create a Clean Room?

The answer is yes, but the expense is prohibitive to most residents and business owners. This is because to create a proper clean room, you need to obtain special air filters, the right HVAC unit, and follow proper procedures to maintain the cleanliness of the room itself. 

This means that all the DYI articles found on the internet that claim that you can create a clean room may seriously underestimate the time, effort, and cost involved. It is one thing to run a shower in the bathroom for 20 minutes to remove unwanted air particles, but the resulting increase in humidity and temperature will offset any gains made in cleaning away the unwanted dust. Considering that you have to wear special gowns, shoe coverings, and isolate the room from the rest of the building. You can see the expense, time, and effort involved just to create a proper clean room. 

Instead of reading DYI articles about creating a clean room, you can spend a fraction of the money and get better results when you take your damaged or compromised hard drive to the professionals. A proper data recovery Washington DC service will have a certified clean room to repair and retrieve trapped data, files, documents, images, video, and other information. 

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